Magazine silencieux

Silent National Geographic, 2018, Magazine with totally sanded texts, duration: 23sec.





A Chinese saying that has come to be known is that a picture is worth a thousand words. If it came to a child's ear, the child would surely retort, "But why? And why a thousand first? ". The phrase, flashy in nature, is a way of speaking that has the merit of emphasizing the relationship between image and word. Can a picture replace words? And more generally, is there a dominant, is there a dominated? And if so, which of the two wins? For the study of this broad question, the Silent magazine is a new piece of evidence. The case is unprecedented: from a National Geographic magazine, David Leleu painstakingly erased all the words to keep only the images. These are now floating in blank pages. What happens when images intended to illustrate various and varied articles find themselves emancipated in this way? Are they holding up? What are they telling us? And what do they no longer tell us? Catherine peter


David Leleu

Silent magazine,2012, édition de 400 Ex